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29 March 1970
In the damn sticks., Georgia, United States
Windi Rosson
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Winjimir Studios (win-jim-er)

My studio is located in GA. Where the paint flings freely, the tunes jam loudly, and I paint whatever the hell I want to.

I am a completely self taught artist. I have had no formal training. I am also a self representing artist, handling the business side of being an artist.

My paintings are currently being collected in the US and abroad. By both private and corporate collectors.
I like to keep a very diverse price range, allowing people of different economic backgrounds the option to own good, quality, original art work.

I work primarily in oil and acrylic, but am prone to try out and play with other mediums.

I prefer to let my work speak for itself, and follow the mantra of “you’ll either feel it or you won’t".

My inspiration comes from all aspects of life. Be it local surroundings, to phrases overheard in crowds, emotions associated with life experiences, and good old rock and roll.
Remember, Good tunes=good paintings.

I’m inspired by many different things, all at once, and one thing from all different aspects.
I usually post my new work here, amongst a lot of mindless babbling about my life. ;-)

Original Art available at-

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